Tiki Experience

Out of a passion for making drinks came the idea for Luau Tiki Bar, a concept bar in pure exotic style that aims to portray the idyllic atmosphere and mixing style of typical bars that originated in the American tiki era in the mid-1930s.

Tiki faces

Bartender - He comes from a world of classic mixing but when he met the tiki culture, during his training process, he fell in love with it and never left it. He’s curious about everything that comes from the farthest and hottest latitudes: products, traditions and the most unusual drink recipes. He tries to surprise and intrigue his customers with new proposals that always have a connection to the past. Favorite drink: Vermouth & Soda

Matteo M.

Owner - Globetrotting barmanager in the international world of the bar. A lover of all things Caribbean and sugarcane-based, he is constantly searching for and discovering rum. He has a deep knowledge of tiki mixing and more and he has always tried to create a balance between the tropical and Mediterranean worlds in his bar. Favourite drink: Missionary's Downfall

Davide M.

Some Drinks


An all-Caribbean Negroni made in Jamaica


Inspired by Trader Vic's famous drink where almond and local citrus fruits are combined with the aroma of cognac and a mix of rums

BLUCARACHA (contour 11)

-Pourquoi bleu? -Turquoise blue! Thanks to Brian Flanagan for his legacy! Tequila and mezcal with lime and pineapple: all blue!


A glass of Whiskey at an exotic sunset, accompanied by passion fruit, lime, almond and a touch of pomegranate and hibiscus flowers


An all-blue, sparkling pina colada: rum , pineapple, coconut and bubbles!


A daiquiri that looks like a James Bond-esque martini cocktail: sour, aromatic, savory!


Joe Scialom's immortal trilogy never ends: cognac and rum meet Caribbean spices, the freshness of citrus and the pungency of ginger


From Asia to the Americas via Europe: whiskey, coconut water and elderflower, all sparkling!


Italian "Bacardi Legacy Cocktail Competition 2018" winner: a drink where the trilogy of rum, lime and sugar meets the freshness of basil, the aromaticity of worcestershire sauce and the thrill of bubbles


Just like the origin: no more than two!


One of Donn Beach's mixing symbols, the drink that made us famous throughout Italy and beyond: rum, lime, pineapple, mint, honey and peach brandy


A cocktail to celebrate the "dolce vita": gin and Italian aperitif with citrus and ginger


-Gin and tonic? -No, Tropical and tonic! Our way to celebrate the world's most drunk cocktail with an exotic twist!


From the famous Mai Tai comes our wild version where rum and mezcal meet the earthiness of carob and the freshness of tropical citrus


Trader Vic's iconic tiki cocktail revisited with a contemporary twist where tequila and elderflower counterbalance the freshness of lime and the pungency of ginger with slight spicy notes